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Welcome to Rodger's LPWS Archive page

Greetings folks, since I took over editing the website, I had a vast amount of material to sift through, I thought I'd start an archive page rather than keep all this stuff in a box where no one can see it!

This is also the place to find things that don't fit any other catagory.

Starting off with a rare LPWS cassette case, sadly no cassette. 100 of these were produced and I haven't seen one in years, an LPWS member from Oxford posted this one to me, many thanks

Rodger "Diddley" Dipole.

I wish I still had a copy as we have lost "The Wheelchair Song", "Leslie Jones (Flying Through The Air)", and Are You Loathsome Tonight".
Supplied by George, an old unused cassette inlay card.

There seems to be some problem with the track numbering!

Before my time, not sure what Thames House Radio was....................

[Ha, I have been told that Thames House was where our founder, Nigel Hopkins, used to live.]

From back in the days when we used to produce our own Christmas Cards

Sadly there are no more of these Laughing Policeman enamel badges left!

When they sold out, we replaced them with a run of these small lapel badges:-


This was in an old magazine, I found the artwork when searching for some of the other stuff, so I added it to this archive, this was used in a report about GB3CF, the Leicester Repeater, the one that fell over when 'someone' removed the bolts from the guy wires on the mast.
The publication coincided with the repeater group AGM at Granby Halls.


All Ray Withers G4KZH content has been moved to his own page, please click here :-
 ::Ray Withers G4KZH (laughingpoliceman.com

One of the curious things about the 1980's and our relationship with the DTI & The Radiocommunications Agency, was the odd message to warn us of impending activity, and 3 "presents" in the post sent to 142A HQ.

The best one was a 12'' single of "Keep This Frequency Clear'' by the DTI, that came in a large DTI printed envelope, and postmarked London.

We also got at least 2 further gifts, one was the coaster. below, from the local branch of the DTI:-

We also got a few of these in the post:-

But no one seems to know where from...................

This one still in use on the desk!

I visited George G1MTT in August 2014, and I noticed a box file named " Radio Related". We had a search through things not touched for 20 years, amongst the contents were several letters of support, a few begging letters, and the following, obviously some kind of joke, but it is on genuine embossed House Of Commons notepaper. Click on the image for a bigger scan.........

More from George's box file:-

LPWS and the BBC:-

The whole programme, which is quite amusing, is available on our Audio Players page, LPWS input starts at about 23 minutes in!

Before we had Charitable Status, there was money in the bank!

Looking at some of the items on our website, it may appear as if we are obsessed with this buffoon, but the truth was quite the reverse. Apart from following people around and even standing in a field all day looking at an LPWS member in his workshop (now illegal and called "stalking"), he made frequent assaults both physical, by throwing a dictionary and by kicking a briefcase. Although he "got off" with misuse of the Police National Computer, how else could he have visited LPWS HQ and be seen taking car registration numbers, then the next day be able to transmit everyone's names and addresses?

George used to drive a Ferrari and he was threatened with having it stolen by "Bodwen's" underworld connections and subsequently, and probably even more sinister was the threat to implicate George in drug dealing and have him arrested by members of the team that were investigating the case of Birmingham teenage girls Patricia Cahill and Karen Smith, just because George had been to Thailand. Story HERE.

The facts are that we have had to tone down his many escapades to make what he did seem barely credible for a serving Police Sergeant, far from being obsessed with him, it is quite the reverse and we only report a mere 10% or so of his antics. HOWEVER, in various ways, we retaliated and he was eventually given the option of demotion to Constable, or retirement for medical reasons (round the twist?). As stated elsewhere, this is a get out clause offered so wayward officers can retain their pension entitlement at their last rank, rather than at the demoted rank.

There remain one or two unreported pranks, but we need some tangible evidence before I can publish details here. Meanwhile, here are some of the documents etc. we have been able to round up, sincere thanks to everyone for finding these long lost documents for us to share below:-

This is an item I haven't seen for a very long time, from about 1991 I think, it is a car sticker and came about after a misprint in the Birmingham Evening Mail referred to our arch enemy Sergeant 3116 as an "amateur radio buffoon" (should have been "buff" we think)!

From the same chap:-

This was a really funny incident, we learnt that Sergeant 3116 was to give evidence at Dudley Magistrates Court, so we despatched a team armed with loads of these posters and Solvite wallpaper adhesive.
These posters were put up all around the court, and the plywood barriers on an adjacent building site - just to wind him up a bit.

Unknown to us it seems (or so the story goes) that he had put on his uniform whilst off duty, and gone to harass a fellow radio amateur, who had then made an official complaint against him.
It transpired, or so I am told, that as he was off duty, he wasn't allowed to wear the uniform and technically this was "impersonating a police officer", we understand that he was suspended over this - HOWEVER - it was a pure fluke and everyone, especially him, thought we had inside information!

October 2014

Just been sent a couple of things I haven't seen in ages, when there was a falling out amongst LPWS members in the early 1990's a couple of splinter groups were out there doing their own thing, mainly printing their own magazines, The Club for Unlicensed Naughty Telephony Stations C.U.N.T.S. & Not! The Laughing Policeman Wireless Society. You may notice that some of the magazines were called Not! The Penrose Gazette etc., I edited a couple of these but the typesetter left the 'D' out of my name, anyway, around the same time The Thin Blue Line appeared, all issues were specifically about their/our favourite ex  policeman, who had assaulted at least 2 of us!

I am not sure how many issues there were, or how many on each print run, but I know these are very rare and I am grateful to the contributor.:-

As usual, click on the images for full sized scans

Looking through some documents today and found this in the bottom of a box, it is a copy of a letter sent to our old address well after we moved out, it took a while for it to be forwarded.

Obviously a fraudulent document, but we did check and there was no PC 5587 at Amersham!

No idea who sent it or what possible motive they had as no one had ever heard of Alex Hobbs G7ERX, however we now have some audio clips hosted on the Audio Player page.

Here is a cutting from the Crown Prosecution Service website containing a description of the crime of Uttering A False Instrument or Document.

Click above for larger copy!


More coming soon, all the best Rodger "Diddley" Dipole.
      "Wicked" Willy Bodwen ex Sgt. 3116 (forced to retire & not a laughing policeman!)

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