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The History of Swearing

Swearing on Amateur Radio always seems to evoke the strongest of feelings, in a test case, a local radio amateur called another operator a "Cunt". He was summoned to appear before Magistrates. This was when the BR68 was in force, and we were only allowed to do 2 things:-
  • Make transmissions relating to technical investigations
  • Make remarks of a personal character.

His solicitor put up such a good defence and insisted that calling someone a "Cunt" was indeed a "remark of a personal character"

The rules have once gain been re-written to remove any reference to personal remarks!

Now legislation says that in any so-called "Grossly Offensive Message" It must be proved that the language used in any alleged offence MUST be worse than that encountered in everyday life.

So that might filter out Cunt, but nothing else as far as we can see, as ALL other swear words are regularly in use on free to air TV including the BBC.

Anyway, here is a partly accurate history of swearing:-



Shot by an anarchist while standing on a Brussels railway station, The Prince of Wales utters the immortal words, “Fuck it, I’ve taken a bullet."


Music hall comedian Hector Thaxter becomes the first man to say “Arse” on the radio.


After cutting food rations as part of a new economic drive, Chancellor Hugh Dalton is accosted by a beggar in the street who says, “You bloody bastard! What am I meant to do, eat shit?”


Interviewed live on BBC News, a British teddy boy is asked his opinion of Bill Haley. He replies, “Haley? I wouldn't piss on him if he went up in flames. I’m an Elvis man meself.”


Appearing on a late night live satire programme called BBC3, Kenneth Tynan becomes the first man to say “Fuck” on TV. A national fit of apoplexy follows with one Tory MP suggesting that Tynan should hang!


After watching an episode of "Till Death Us Do Part" that includes 44 uses of the word “BLOODY”, Mary Whitehouse fumes, “This is the end of civilisation as we know it”


Buzz Aldrin becomes the first man to swear on the moon “Bloody hell,” he tells Neil Armstrong, “I’ve just taken a shit in my space suit”


Oxford English Dictionary includes the words “FUCK” and “CUNT” for the first time. The National Campaign for Real Swearing issues a statement which reads: “We’d be a bunch of lying cunts if we didn’t say that we were totally fucking delighted”


Originating from the Australian “Nasty as Fuck”, the word NAFF is introduced to the British public via Ronnie Barker in Porridge. As in “Naff off Godber!” However the expression looses its appeal when Princess Anne starts using it.


  1. On tour in Hong Kong and unaware that he is miked up, The Duke of Edinburgh tells a photographer  “Fuck off or I’ll have you shot.” 

  2. The moral majority get into a proper old lather after Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols appears on live TV and calls presenter Bill Grundy “A fucking rotter”.


A Bar steward at a Conservative Club in Middlesex is sacked after greeting a club member with the words, “All right, you fucking old bastard, we haven't seen you for fucking ages!” He is later ruled to have been unfairly dismissed on the grounds that his words “were just a form of greeting”.


British Leyland workers begin their so-called swearing strike after one of the top brass describes them as, “fucking bastards and fucking working-class pigs”.


Jools Holland lets slip with the phrase “Groovy fuckers” on a live broadcast of The Tube and is suspended for six weeks. 

A Pakistani umpire calls Mike Gatting “a fucking cheating bastard” during a Test Match.


Female golfer Muffin Spencer-Devlin is banned from a top ladies tournament after calling officials, “A fucking bunch of incontinent wankers!”.


Rev. Ian Gregory, secretary of The Polite Society, proposes that existing swear-words are banished and replaced with “nice words like 'breadstick' and 'cotton socks'”. A spokesman for The National Campaign for Real Swearing responds by saying “The good reverend can go and fuck himself!”.


  1. Pete Sampras, the world’s top male tennis player, shouts at the Wimbledon crowd, “Thank you very much, you mother fuckers!” 

  2. A Briton in Saudi Arabia is sentenced to 40 lashes after telling a member of his staff to, “Stuff it up your fat arse you old wanker”. 

  3. Boston grunge band, The Anal Cunts, release their first single.


Annoyed at the constant chattering of children during a performance of “Macbeth” at a Manchester theatre, actor Paul Higgins strides to the front of the stage and bellows, “Shut the fuck up or I’ll rip your fucking heads off!”


Students hackers tinker with the digital storage system at Britain's first talking bus stop in Leeds, with the result that a queue of passengers expecting a recorded timetable are greeted with the words, “Fuck off and walk you lazy bastards”.

Genuine press cutting!


With the advent of Channel 4's "Bremner, Bird, & Fortune" and "The Eleven O'clock Show", all known swear words are finally used openly, in entertainment television.
The National Campaign For Real Swearing comments "About fucking time too!"

March 2014

Four different forms of the word 'cunt' have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, and they're all spectacular. But the crown jewels in the new additions (and the words I'm most likely to use in my day-to-day life) are the Four Cunts -- cunty, cuntish, cunted, and cunting.

Now BBC plans an 'I love the C-word' documentary

By JAMES TAPPER - 4th January 2007

The BBC came under new fire after it announced plans for a £200,000 TV documentary devoted to the most offensive word in the English language.

The programme - tentatively titled I love The C-Word - is billed as examining why the word has become more mainstream in recent years.

Contributors will include feminist academic Germaine Greer and Eve Ensler, the author of The Vagina Monologues, an acclaimed stage play which features women talking about their genitals.

Both the BBC and North One claimed it will not be sensationalist. A spokeswoman for the programme said: "It will look at how a word that was considered completely unacceptable has moved into the mainstream, particularly by younger people. The tone will be a serious exploration of the word."

And North One's head of factual entertainment John Quinn told the TV industry magazine Broadcast: "It will be a grown-up discussion about how we have got to where we are now with this word without being either sensationalist or po-faced.

"It is perhaps one of the last words that has the ability to stop someone in their tracks and it is fascinating to see how differently it is perceived around the world."

I Love The C-Word is the latest in a growing number of BBC programmes that have featured the word in recent years, despite internal BBC research showing that it is the one viewers hate the most.

Last year it featured 12 times in The Chatterley Affair, a BBC4 drama about the 1960 obscenity trial over D. H. Lawrence's book.

It has been used frequently in the award-winning BBC4 political sitcom The Thick Of It, starring Chris Langham as fictional Social Affairs Minister Hugh Abbot and Peter Capaldi as belligerent spin doctor Malcolm Tucker.

And Germaine Greer made a 10-minute film about the history of the word for the BBC2 series Balderdash And Piffle.

In 2004, the BBC received a record number of complaints about its decision to broadcast the controversial Jerry Springer: The Opera. It contained 8,000 obscenities including the use of the f-word 200 times and the c-word nine times

Students, Journalists, etc. Please note this is a satirical website, PLEASE no more emails about the History Of Swearing, or requests to be put in touch with The National Campaign For Real Swearing. The majority of the above has been researched and is completely true, a couple of items have been made up, and the press cutting about "Piss Flaps" is real, but from VIZ Magazine.

      "Wicked" Willy Bodwen ex Sgt. 3116 (forced to retire & not a laughing policeman!)

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